New Personal Finance Template for Apple iWork Numbers

Personal Finance Spreadsheet

Forum member Yogimartin has posted his personal finance template on the forums. It is very detailed, and weighs in at a whopping 3.9 MB unzipped. **Fair warning: you need a fast Mac to run this.**

It allows the user to track their checking, savings, credit cards, investments and real estate by month. All of the monthly data is consolidated in two report sheets. This is a big upgrade for anyone looking for more firepower than our Checking Account Register.

Personal Finance Spreadsheet 2

Edit 12/16/2008: The file is no longer available on the forums, so here is a direct link: Apple Numbers Personal Finance Template. I again warn you that this file is very large and may run slowly on some macs.

You can read Yogimartin’s post on the forums.

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  1. on my G5 dual 2ghz it takes a minute or two to open this one…
    not normal anymore. Maybe apple can chew on this templae a bit
    to optimize numbers :-)

  2. TDEE,

    I agree, it really pushes the current capabilities of Numbers. I still have hope that a maintenance release will help a lot of these performance issues. Excel would have no trouble with a sheet like this, even on an older system.

    – Michael

  3. Deetle,

    You can download it in the forums. Click on the word “post”, in the sentence directly below the image.

    – Michael

  4. Incredible Template! Does take a really long time to load. This template could be its own program and I would for sure buy it

  5. Wow. This is very well put together. A bit intimidating at first, but it’s very functional. True, it takes awhile to load, but once it’s loaded it seems snappy. I guess we’ll see once I get a lot of data imported into it. I would like to emphasize the fact that it is not the spreadsheet creators fault that it’s slow, it’s Numbers itself. It just wasn’t made with this kind of template in mind.

  6. This looks like a great template, but canʻt seem to find it to download. Anyone have any info?

  7. hmm, unfortunately the directory of template dissappeared, would have loved to test this thing. Is there any mirror of it, or can anyone send this to me? Any hint would be appreciated. bikeb “@”

  8. This looks great, but the download does not work anymore. Anyone know how I might get ahold of this template?


  9. Can I get this template anywhere else? When I check the forums they always say they are down and will be back shortly. This is has been over a week now.

  10. Does anyone know how to add categories to the drop down menu in the expense column and have it apply to all sheets?

  11. I have the same question as Mike. Does anyone know how to edit & add categories? I added & edited the categories sheet (the last one on the template).. but the change does not appear anywhere like the drop-down, etc??

  12. an awesome template. unfortunately, the categories are not easily customizable – at least I can’t figure out how to customize them.

    Anyone have any luck?

  13. Love this template, it was exactly what I was looking for… however!

    2 small things:

    1) How do I change the currency from $ to £?
    2) How do I edit the drop down menu to change the categories

    Many thanks!