Template: Baseball Scorecard with Pitch Count

Baseball Scorecard Spreadsheet

This is basically a straight conversion of the Excel Baseball Scorecard Template.

I was curious about how an Excel spreadsheet with that much detail would convert into Numbers.

The answer was, quite nicely.  I only had to make a few adjustments.  Of course, the sheet didn’t have any formulas, which is where I usually have problems.

You can find a tutorial on baseball score keeping here.

Click below to download the Baseball Scorecard with Pitch Count Template for Numbers.

Download Baseball Scorecard With Pitch Count Template for Numbers

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  1. I have a Basketball stat sheet programed in Numbers if anyone would like it, they can request it here in the comments section and I will see how I can send it to this site

  2. does anybody have a pitching chart that you can chart pitches, amount of pitches and locations?

  3. I would like a copy of the basketball stat sheet, I keep stats for the high school my son attends and could see this of value on the iPad…

    Appreciate your assistance..